Friday, October 3, 2008

So You Think You Can DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!

We almost didn't make it. The odds were set against us, but many heroes saved the day and in the end, DANCE prevailed!!! First our babysitters weren't available - then Annie to the rescue. Annie - thanks so much for babysitting last minute. Between Isaiah, Haylie, James and Raider, you had your hands full!!! Then Rob and Danielle forgot their tickets and had to run back to their house before we left. Good job on the speedy round trip Rob. Then halfway to the show I realized I forgot Megan and my tickets at home, and the adventure was just starting. Luckily my tickets were the kind you print off ticketmaster so we drove around trying to find a Kinkos and calling anyone we knew who lived in the area. Apparently they were all at So You Think You Can Dance because no one was home!. Finally we pulled up in front of a Metro PCS store and I proceeded to beg the store clerk to let me use his computer. He tried negotiating for me to give him one of the tickets but gave in and let me print my tickets. Thank you Metro PCS guy!!! And then we were off to the show. We were so excited we actually made it.

The show was soooo great. We LOVED it! They did many of the best dances from the season including one of my favorites - the orange jumpsuit one.

The show was hilarious too - they did a whole bit about Gev liking Courtney and it was so funny!
They did the briefcase one - Bleeding Love - I love that one!

And the door one... If you didn't watch Dance I have probably lost you by now.

And they did No Air with Kadee and Joshua

It was such a great show! I think I took like 200 pictures - I don't know why but I kept taking pictures of every routine. It was just so fun!


Mindy said...

Okay girl, I didn't know you were there!!!!! I must have walked right by you! Wasn't it amazing? I've got quite the SYTYCD buzz still going on this morning. Wow, amazing.

It's Dangerous to Pick a Nurses Brain said...

Seriously, that was way too much fun. I can't even believe that just as we were sitting in our seats the show started....after all that running around...quite hilarious.

Sara said...

Sounds like a crazy ride just getting there! I wish I could have gone I love that show! Thanks for sharing your pix!