Sunday, October 19, 2008

Baby Bryce

Sarah Jumper was my best friend all throughout highschool. We have hilarious memories of all the silly things we used to do together and we love to get together and reminisce. Her name is Sarah Dillard now (we had to laugh when she finally ditched the last name "Jumper" and I picked up "Runner" - too bad we didn't have those names at the same time throughout highschool - that would have been too much!) and she is married with an adorable little family. It is so funny when we sit and reflect on our highschool days and the fact that we are both mommies now. We can't believe how fast life moves and I know we have a mutual appreciation for each other and how far we have come from those silly highschool times. I am so glad that we have managed to stay friends over the past 15+ years.

I had such great fun taking photos of her newest addition Bryce Michael Dillard and his big brother Jack! Bryce is so adorable with deep eyes and lots of dark hair. We didn't have much time since Sarah was in town visiting from Seattle and had many people to see while visiting, but here are some of my favorites.

I love cute baby feet.
Poor Bryce was done by the time we got to taking pictures with Jack but Jack was a good sport about it. Look at that big smile!


Megan said...

I'm loving all of these baby pictures! They look fantastic!

One Mommy's view point said...

I love the last one of Bryce by himself...sooooo cute! And the happy big brother "squeezing" his pumpkin is hilarious! :) That will make the scrapbook for sure. Thanks for a fun crazy weekend.

matt & april said...

oh wow, sandy! you never cease to amaze me! these are terrific!!!!!! looking fwd to seeing you tomorrow!

Marty, Sarah, Jack & Bryce Dillard said...

Sandy you're the BEST! Who could ask for a nicer, more talented friend? April's right; you never cease to amaze me too!! Thank you!! Can I just copy your blog.
Oh by the way, when you become a famous photographer I'll get to say "My kids had their pictures taken by Sandy Runner!"