Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That's How I Roll

Haylie got her first set of wheels this week. A real bike, not like the low-rider plastic trike she had already; she got a real bike that has training wheels which can actually be removed. (It was a great deal too - I found it at the Thrift Store for $10. It is in great condition and very cute!)

When we saw the bikes at the store Haylie quickly jumped on them and began riding up and down the aisles, running over objects and people in her path. I had no idea she even knew how to push the pedals but watching her zip around the store she was shouting back to me, "Look Mom I'm going real fast." We decided we should take this dangerous activity outside so we took the bike home and Haylie enjoyed riding around on her new bike for at least 30 minutes (that's a long attention span for a 3-year old).

Our street goes downhill one direction so when she got home she was surprised at how REAL fast she actually went. I was running along side of her taking pictures (and trying to make sure she didn't fall of course) and when I got back and looked through the photos I noticed she had her tongue sticking out in all of them. Click on the photo below to enlarge it:

Watching her ride her big-girl bike is just another realization of how big she is getting. Today we were riding in the car and she was reminding me that she is 3 now . Then she said "And in 5 minutes I will be 5." Boy, doesn't it feel like that!

Her cute little "Chug-a-bug" bike.


One Mommy's view point said...

Pretty soon she'll be riding her bike to school (not to make you sad or anything!). What a great deal and so much fun!