Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday dancing

Later that evening (after boating all day) our Bible Study girls participated in my birthday activity of choice - which was line dancing. I have been wanting to get the girls to go forever so this was a perfect excuse. I seriously had the best time ever - I love line dancing and it was so much fun with the girls. With all the birthday fun this year - this was probably one of my best birthdays yet!!!

Birthday boating

For our friend Megan's birthday, which is just after mine, we went boating around Folsom Lake. It was a great time with our Bible Study group and the new tubing setup they got was absolutely hilarious to watch and do!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday pampering

Boy I felt loved on my birthday this year. Daddy and the kids planned a whole day full of fun things for me. First we went all the way to Freeport Bakery - my favorite place for breakfast - cheese danishes and fresh-squeezed lemonade - yes please!!!

I got a pedicure and then some new shoes for my birthday gift. I have been wanting TOMS for a while and I just love the idea of "one for one."

My Dad and Kathy joined us for Shakespeare in the Park that evening - one of my most favorite things to do!! It was great and a friend was in the play this year, which made it even better.

Micah also planned a little hike that weekend with no kids. It ended up being a bit of a disaster as the directions we had for the trailhead lead us to a road that said there was dynamite testing. We drove in a little further because we were sure the directions online kept saying it doesn't look like the right road but if you keep going you will find it. The further we drove in, the bigger the signs got warning us to turn around before we get blown up. Once we saw a sign that said it was not the trailhead we figured someone was trying to keep people out and clearly there was a mistake here. So, we took our lunch and found a little creek and just had a picnic. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Camp

This year we went on the all-church campout and spent the weekend hanging with other families and building relationships while boating, swimming, making s'mores and playing fun camp games. We stayed in a "bare" cabin that we really loved. It was the perfect way to camp, with beds and electricity, but not much else.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Mermaid

Mommy and Haylie had a fun date night to go see the Little Mermaid at the Music Circus Theater. 

Haylie chose to go to Islands for dinner because she had a special free kids meal certificate from her teacher. We both got all dressed up for our date and Haylie seemed like such a little grown-up girl hanging out with Mommy. We actually ended up stopping by Gap Outlet and picking her up a new dress because her only fancy dress was getting a little small and uncomfortable for her. She liked the orange one she picked out because it seemed more like an "ocean color" than her black dress. 

Our seats were pretty close but we were sitting behind a very tall person so Haylie ended up sitting on my lap the whole first half. We noticed an empty seat on the end in the front row so at intermission I asked the person next to it if we could sit there and she said it was fine. Haylie sat on my lap the rest of the show but it was fun sitting right in the first row in front of Ariel and Eric.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer in Style - part 4

Whenever we weren't boating, swimming or hiking, we were finding other fun activities to do on our vacation. Those things included cruising around town, finding new good places to eat, crafts at the main lodge, miniature golf, and one night Mommy and Daddy even got a date night at Fondue. We felt so blessed to have this wonderful vacation and are thankful to Grandma and Grandpa for inviting us along. 

Haylie got a hole in one. She was soooo excited::

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer in style - part 3

We had never visited Squaw before and ridden the gondola to the top of the mountain, so it was an exciting adventure for this trip. The good things were that the gondola was fun and the views were amazing; the bad thing was that it was freezing and windy at the top of the mountain. We stopped for some photos by the Olympic rings but other than that we pretty much stayed inside to escape the biting cold wind. The coolest thing about the top of Squaw was the outdoor roller rink. If it wasn't so cold we probably all would have been out there rollin around. But instead, Grandma and I kept warm in the Olympic Museum and watched Daddy and Grandpa skate with the kids down below. What an amazing place to put a roller rink on the top of a mountain!