Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Hotel - part 5 - At the Lodge

The lodge at Ski Sierra is always packed! This year we finally got a seat at a table when some nice guy felt sorry for us huddled up, eating our lunch on the floor in the corner, and gave us half of his table. The kids and hung out in the lodge while Micah and Raider snowboarded all day. We played every game known to man (or at least every game we could fir in our bag - Yahtzee, Uno, dominoes, etc.). The kids did such a great job just hanging out in our confined space, snacking and playing games.

Snow Hotel - part 4 - Snowmobiling

Last year we tried snowmobiling with the kids. We did a 30 minute trip around a track and the kids really seemed to like it. So this year we decided to try the 2 hour scenic trip. It was a beautiful trip and definitely scenic. - it was gorgeous riding through the mountains on a sunny, clear day.

However, little did we know it was a turbo trip through the scenery. The majority of the two hours were spent whizzing by the scenery following the tour guide at top speed. I think the boys enjoyed it but I would have preferred a little more of a stop and take pictures every ten to twenty minutes kind of trip. The kids were such troopers despite the wind blowing their teeth dry for two hours as we cut through the snowy air as fast as we could go. When we first started out they were laughing and screaming at the bumps and how fast we were driving. Poor Haylie started to get sick that morning and could barely hold her head up by the end of the tour. We were pretty lucky they are so great though.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Hotel - part 3 - The Arcade

The arcade is another one of our regular things to do when visiting Tahoe for our annual trip. The kids know this now and start out the week asking when we can go play the games. Last year we ate at a yummy local pizza place near the arcade and we decided to repeat that one again this year - they did not disappoint - yummy pesto pizza!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Hotel - part 2 - Swimming

Next up on the kids' list for our trip was swimming. They love the pool at our hotel and look forward to going back to it each year:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Hotel - part 1 - Sledding

Our annual trip to the "snow hotel" (as the kids call it) did not disappoint! First up in our plans was sledding - Haylie's most favorite thing to do. She is quite proud of her bravery in going fast on the hills and couldn't wait to get out there and get going. Higher and faster she went...She even made lots of friends and partnered up with them down the hill. James wasn't so sure about sledding but took a few trips down with us. He was much happier throwing snowballs and building forts with Raider. Then Raider got tired of throwing snowballs and decided to throw the kids instead :) j/k - the powder was so deep they sunk right in - they loved it and couldn't get enough:

our snowman:

Monday, February 21, 2011

What If...?

Our most recent conversations with James, and even Haylie usually go something like this:

James: "Hey Mom, what if your bottom was in your eye?"
Me: "Well that sounds like it would hurt"
James: "What if the computer went on the soda and it was in your ear?"
Me: "I don't think the computer would like that very much."
James: "What if there was toots in your head?"
Me: "Boy this is a fun game."
James: "Yeah"

We play this little what if game about 20 times a day lately. What a silly boy he is!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Suite Life

Shhh... don't tell James! That's what we were saying all week long as Haylie counted down the days until Disney On Ice with her best friends from school. We felt kind of bad not taking James but this was a girls night out. We felt even worse when the Toy Story characters came out - and we definitely didn't tell him about that! Poor guy - he'll have his chance another time. :)

We had the royal treatment in a suite all to ourselves, with free hotdogs, drinks and other snacks. It was so great watching the show from the suite where we could hang out and chat 

Haylie and the girls were so adorable hanging out with each other and being silly together: