Monday, December 1, 2014

Mass Exodus

The tooth fairy has been working overtime around here lately!! We have been calling it the Mass Exodus of teeth leaving Haylie's mouth. Just about once a week a tooth falls out of her mouth - it's insane! I feel like I should call the dentist and ask if this is normal but I'm guessing I already know the answer. The poor girl has lost so many teeth she barely has any molars left and hence has a hard time chewing things like carrots or apples. Even the few remaining molars she has are starting to feel loose and therefore hurt when chomped on! We have been cutting things into smaller bites so she can get her food down easier. 

In total I think Haylie has lost about 14 teeth. She lost about 8 of them starting just before Kindergarten (most of them fell out in Kindergarten) and then a couple in first grade. She lost the other 6 in the last month or two!!!

Well, with all this activity lately the tooth fairy is bound to drop the ball every now and then. Haylie had another sudden loose tooth that came out almost immediately after she informed us that the tooth was loose. This time it happened while we were in Tahoe and just about to walk out the door and head back home. A smart tooth fairy would have put it in her calendar right that moment but alas, that is not what happened. Instead the Tooth Fairy failed to show up and the disappointment in the morning was so so sad! We assured Haylie the tooth fairy got confused and probably went to Tahoe since that's where the tooth fell out and where she had been staying for the past several days. She said the tooth had fallen into the crack of her bed so maybe the tooth fairy couldn't find it, Either way we were confident the tooth fairy would find it / her the next night and bring her money. 

When the tooth fairy arrived the next night - this sad letter was waiting: "Dear Tooth Fairy, Why did you not come last night? I was counting on you. Signed, Haylie" Oh my, the tooth fairy nearly cried but pulled it together just enough to write the response below. The tooth fairy left Haylie $4 instead of her regular $2. Haylie was so happy the next day because she had been really hoping for $4 since she needed that much to buy something specific with her allowance. In the end she was kind of glad the tooth fairy didn't find her the first night but the tooth fairy is still recovering from the trauma!!! :)