Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Adventure

For Micah's birthday I had the opportunity to surprise him with a night away, thanks to Grandma, who watched the kids for us. I made reservations at the Moaning Caverns for an adventure tour - call me crazy but it was actually a really fun trip. It's not every day you get to rappel 165 feet down into a cavern and then spend an hour crawling through tiny, muddy caves and holes in the ground.

Here we are suiting up, ready to go into the hole:

The hat was the most difficult part of the whole trip for me - it smelled so bad. Two of the other girls on the tour brought bandanas - so smart!!! I was about to pay them a lot of money for one for those but I just had to suck it up and not think about it! Down I go:

Then into the little caves - climbing up the muddy rocks:
Sitting in a small cave (about 5 feet by 5 feet):
This little hole was so small you had to go through backwards:

This was called the birth canal - it was SO tiny once you got into it - Micah almost didn't make it through this one - he was starting to feel a little claustrophobic in this 10 foot long, very narrow tunnel (so narrow you had to lay flat on your stomach with your arms outstretched and just pull yourself forward - keeping your arms in front of you because there was no room to put them anywhere else!):

At the end - we made it!!! What a great time - afterwards (after we showered) we went to a really great italian place that we absolutely loved and had a fun time playing at the indian casino for awhile. Love nights away with my love!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ding Dong

Went to see the Wizard of Oz and right when the witch started melting James excitedly shouted out "ding dong the witch is died." Made everyone in the audience laugh and our friends who were in the play said they even heard it from back stage and they all loved it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday

To the most wonderful person I know...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Activity Junkie part 2

Thanks to Haylie, we live in a constant state of activity and arts and crafts as I shared about in this previous post. I have a book that is filled with ideas for games and crafts. Haylie loves to pull out that book (almost every day), turn to a random page and say, "let's do this one," picking an activity for us to do. Here are a couple of our more recent projects that I remembered to take pictures of:

We drew and colored a bunch of road signs and then created our own little journey through the house. Together we traveled the journey around the house, under tables, down hallways to dead ends and past detours and railroad crossings, too many times to count.

We were saving this activity for a windy day and it finally came. Haylie had found it in the book a couple times but it didn't make sense to do this project on a day we couldn't use them. It was a perfect day and they turned out great:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I go pee pee in the potty

Beware: graphic pee and poop stories ahead (sorry - I have to write it down somewhere. When James is older I'm sure he will be thrilled this is in our blog book)...

We tried it several times, making James sit on the potty to see if he could go. Not only did he not want anything to do with the idea but he genuinely seemed to have no clue about where and how he could get the pee pee out. That's why I was shocked when on his third birthday he came running into the room telling me he needed to go pee pee in the potty.

You see, we had been telling him for months, probably 4 months, that when he was 3 he would need to start using the potty instead of his diaper. After his birthday party (which was two days before his actual birthday) we tried to convince him to start going, but somewhere along the way he picked up that he wasn't actually 3 until after his party and he refused. Two days later, the day of his actual birthday, we explained to him that he was now 3 and would need to start using the potty. The most difficult part of the process was convincing him he was actually 3. About 5 minutes after that, he came running back into the room, telling me he needed to go potty. I wasn't sure to believe him, but I took him over and sure enough, he went!

He continued to go the rest of the day with one accident at McDonald's later that evening which I claim responsibility for. I had asked him if he needed to go and he said he would after he finished his nuggets. About a minute later he peed his pants. I, of course, should have taken him right away when he gave the indication that he needed to go. It's a good thing that he potty trained himself since I'm obviously not that good at it.

Our next hiccup came when he needed to poop. I found him in his favorite corner one morning starting to turn a little red in the face. I quickly picked him up and started running to the bathroom, at which point he started screaming and crying. He wanted nothing to do with that and was screaming for a diaper. I finally relented and gave him a diaper, feeling disappointed that we didn't have the miracle potty training that I thought. After he was done I talked with him about it and explained to him that he was supposed to go poop in the potty too. He looked confused and said he didn't know that and he would do that next time. I realized I had really only ever talked about pee pee in the potty and I'm not sure I ever told him he had to poop in the potty too. Sure enough, the next time he had to go poo poo he came to tell me and he went! And that was it - he was / is officially potty trained.

Given this story, many people would say (and have said), he could have been potty trained a lot sooner - he obviously knew what to do right away and was just holding out on me. But for me, it doesn't matter. I feel like the more we are able to respect our children's wishes, the more they will respect ours. I believe it builds a mutual respect for each other. It wasn't his timing any sooner and I appreciate that about him. I have learned a little insight about James' God-given traits. He doesn't like to be thrown into things. He needs proper preparation but he holds up his end of the bargain when he gets there and I appreciate that and will keep that in mind as he continues to develop.

Now he tells everyone he meets - at the grocery store, at church - it doesn't matter: "I go pee pee in the potty." So proud of him!!!

Here he is riding his first big boy bike:

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The poor kids have been sick and coughing since before Christmas. I finally decided we needed to try a humidifier since nothing else seemed to work. We had a humidifier once before and I didn't feel like it did much but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

The kids LOVED it. They are obsessed with having it on every night and of course think the closer they are to the steam the more it will work :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Blessed

to have a daddy like you...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Superhero Gang

For James' 3rd birthday we decided to do a Superhero birthday party since James' latest favorite characters include Batman and Superman. We made capes for all the kids that they could decorate with stickers as well. The capes turned out great - we were even able to add each kid's initial to personalize it.

Happy Birthday my love:

And here is the superhero gang - criminals beware:

Yay! Mommy seems the most happy about this next gift. Potty training here we come:
Our little 3 year old:

Having our own little superhero fun: