Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Adventure

For Micah's birthday I had the opportunity to surprise him with a night away, thanks to Grandma, who watched the kids for us. I made reservations at the Moaning Caverns for an adventure tour - call me crazy but it was actually a really fun trip. It's not every day you get to rappel 165 feet down into a cavern and then spend an hour crawling through tiny, muddy caves and holes in the ground.

Here we are suiting up, ready to go into the hole:

The hat was the most difficult part of the whole trip for me - it smelled so bad. Two of the other girls on the tour brought bandanas - so smart!!! I was about to pay them a lot of money for one for those but I just had to suck it up and not think about it! Down I go:

Then into the little caves - climbing up the muddy rocks:
Sitting in a small cave (about 5 feet by 5 feet):
This little hole was so small you had to go through backwards:

This was called the birth canal - it was SO tiny once you got into it - Micah almost didn't make it through this one - he was starting to feel a little claustrophobic in this 10 foot long, very narrow tunnel (so narrow you had to lay flat on your stomach with your arms outstretched and just pull yourself forward - keeping your arms in front of you because there was no room to put them anywhere else!):

At the end - we made it!!! What a great time - afterwards (after we showered) we went to a really great italian place that we absolutely loved and had a fun time playing at the indian casino for awhile. Love nights away with my love!!