Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dangers of Thinking

While riding in the car the other day, my mind started wandering and I came to the following realization. I have a son who's almost 17. Which means - in 5 years, if he got married at the same age I did (22) and had kids right away, as many of my friends did (we did not) - I could be a grandma! Can you believe that??? I could be a Grandma in 5 years (ok technically a lot sooner but we won't go there!)!!! Really weird to think about that, about someone calling me Grandma so soon! :) Sorry if this offended any Grandma's out there but just so everyone knows - in 5 years - I will be 37 - very strange to think about! :)

Here is a picture of Raider and his girlfriend Abby before his school dance from last weekend - for now we'll just stick with strange experiences like taking my son to high school dances and such! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We love smoothies!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Camera Thieves

For Christmas I got a new point and shoot camera - so I could have something to carry around in my purse. I believe the kids have enjoyed this little gift more than I have because every time I download my photos I find lots of special surprises that I didn't know where there.

Most of the pictures are of Haylie's favorite monkey...

Or Haylie with her monkey...

Or Nanny with the monkey...

Or some part of James's head!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bowling Dance

While in Tahoe we decided to go bowling one of the days. I don't think we've ever really taken the kids bowling yet. James didn't really care about it after roling the ball a couple times but Haylie was really into it - she knew exactly when it was her turn and she always jumped up ready to go. The funniest part was her little bowling dance that she did every time while waiting for the ball to hit the pins! It looks like she had to go to the bathroom but no - that's just her bowling dance! (The second video is actually better because she knocks all the pins down and then does her little celebration dance too - but she was so cute in both I couldn't choose!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tahoe 2010

This was our third annual trip to Tahoe to spend a week in our timeshare. When we bought it (pre-kids) we had the intention of using it every year to create traditions and memories with our children. So far it is working out exactly as planned. We look forward to our winter vacation all year long and it is becoming one of our favorite things. I think this was the best year so far - we did so many activities and it was so fun watching the kids really enjoy everything!! It's nearly impossible to recap a week packed so full of fun family time and activities but here is an attempt:

We arrived on Saturday evening and got settled; then Sunday we headed out for some miscellaneous grocery shopping and spent some time playing in the snow. That night we swam in the indoor pool / jacuzzi. The kids were beat so they fell asleep quick and Mom and Dad rented a movie - Confessions of a Shop-a-holic - very cute!!

On Monday we dropped Raider off to snowboard and headed out to a sledding area where we sledded for awhile, then made snowmen and snow angels and had a picnic lunch in the snow. After naptime we went to the shopping area for some treats and Raider had fun iceskating. We sat by the fire and watched! Grandma, Grandpa and Bekah were on their way to North Shore so they stopped by for a quick visit on their way. The boys went to the casino and quickly ran out of money!

On Tuesday we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's condo so Micah could ski with Grandpa and Raider could snowboard with Bekah and her friends. Haylie, James and I had a fun adventure walking along the beach in front of the condo and playing in the sand and snow.

Wednesday we intended to go snowmobiling but the storm we expected was in full effect. The snow was blowing from every direction. Micah and Raider actually wanted to try and snowmobile anyways but the place was closed. There was supposed to be a 1-2 hour break in the bad weather so we headed over to this little place we found to sled last year and sure enough, by the tie we got there it was nice and sunny. Haylie really found her groove sledding and she was getting quite good on her own - going to the top of the hill and speeding down by herself! Wednesday night we rented a kids movie and we all hung out in bed while the snow beat down outside.

Thursday was nice and sunny with lots of fresh powder outside. Raider hit the slopes snowboarding again while we went snowmobiling. The kids loved the "motorcycles for snow" and the 45 time we got didn't seem like long enough. We headed over to the gondola afterwards and rode it up to the top - there were so many beautiful views and lots of great photo opportunities. We had hot chocolate at the top of the mountain and rode it back down. Most nights we cooked dinner in but Thursday night we went to Chevy's and then hit the arcade. The kids loved playing games and we ended up with tons of tickets for little prizes.

Friday Micah was supposed to go snowboarding with Raider but Raider hurt his ankle so instead we did a little more sledding, because Haylie was dying go back, and then we took the kids bowling. It was so fun to watch Haylie bowl!! Then we checked out a yummy new pizza place which we intend to go back to again next year!

Saturday we were so sad to pack up and head home!

Here is a slideshow of some more of the photos. Now I need to just get scrapbooking this one because I am going to fall behind again with just this week alone!