Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silly Boys

I really like these pictures from Chuck E Cheese for some reason - I have a ton of them stuffed in drawers around the house. I especially like this one of my silly boys though!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Book

I am really committed to the blog book now - my scrapbooking efforts have floundered (as my blogging efforts lately have as well). However, it takes less time to come in and bring the blog up to speed, so my current means of recording our day to day has to be the blog. Long ago Micah thoughtfully made a book out of the blog and then many people told me about where you can purchase a book of your blog. Going forward I will be buying blog books as it was a very time consuming and still pretty expensive process to make it on our own.

I just found this special offer that I thought I would share. I haven't done it yet for last year but am planning on it (Micah was about halfway through building our 2009 book but we are going to jump ship to the easier method!). If you go to this link, there is a coupon code for $39.95 off of a blog book, until August 2010. I started to create our book from last year and based on the number of pages from my 2009 blog posts - it looked like the cost would be about $50 - if you take away this discount that seems like a pretty amazing deal!!

For all those looking to create a blog book to preserve their memories in hard copy - hope this helps!!!

Not Too Old To Dance!

To celebrate Rebekah's birthday, some of our girlfriends got together and went out dancing. It's pretty fun to go out and pretend like you're young again for a little bit :) I think we held our own against all the 20 year olds out there. Actually, I was the oldest in our dancing group. All the other girls are in their 20's still (approaching 30), while I am nearly 33!!

My cute sis:

At dinner:

Jaime and I - Jaime has little Naomi in her tummy - hanging out with the big girls:

The birthday girl:

Sitting by the fire at the club:

The whole gang:

Thursday, June 24, 2010


A few pics from a recent trip to our local zoo with baby Addison and her mommy Rebekah:

A Hard Knock Life

Lots of pictures in this post because I am such a proud Mommy. Haylie had her first big dance recital this year and all of her biggest fans came out to watch her. We had almost front row seats and were just bursting with excitement to watch her cute little performance. Funny enough, Haylie was an orphan and danced to the song "Hard Knock Life" from Annie. She was so beautiful and did such a wonderful job. I am the luckiest Mommy to get to watch her do things like this - I never want to miss any special moment in her precious life.

Here's James - a little bored watching all the other dancers before Haylie:

There's my cute little mad girl - this was part of their routine and she made the cutest little mad face:

Her cousins were very proud of her too:
Grandma and Grandpa couldn't miss Haylie's big day, even though Grandma had been to Haylie's dance class several times and watched her practice her routine:
Momo was proud of Haylie too:
Love you Haylie-girl!!

I feel like the luckiest Mom to have such a wonderful daughter:
The night before her recital, just after dress-rehearsal I took Haylie to a nature area for a few pics in her costume. After about 20 min and 100 or so pictures I had so many good ones. She is such a great little model:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids Day

Catching up again - lots of posts to come!!!! These are pics from Kids Day about a month ago :) The kids love all the treats, games and fun prizes!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jelly Belly

This was my kids' first time to the Jelly Belly factory and unfortunately the factory workers were on their 2-week summer break so we got the tour but there was no one making jelly beans! We had fun with our friends anyways and the kids were just happy to get the bag of jelly beans in the end.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day at the Cabin

Almost every year we spend Memorial Day at the cabin. The kids look forward to every cabin trip weeks in advance. Haylie counts down the days and on the morning of our trip to the cabin she runs into our room excited that the day has finally come.

In addition to climbing and gathering pine cones for the fire, her favorite thing to do is throw rocks into the river. She is getting more adventurous each time, now trying to find the biggest rock possible to throw in the water, even if it means recruiting Daddy to pick it up and toss it in:

I always have to make Haylie do a little modeling for me too:
We took the time to celebrate Grandma's birthday since we hadn't gotten much chance earlier in the month:
The kids LOVE their grandma:

We all decided to head out for a little hike up to the lodge for some ice cream:
Most of the walk was on roads and trails - the kids got worn out pretty quick:
Taking a little rest and grabbing some cute pics:

We finally made it to the ice cream after countless "10 more minutes..."

Luckily once we arrived at the lodge, Grandma and Grandpa showed up in the Jeep so we didn't have to make the trek back by foot: