Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day at the Cabin

Almost every year we spend Memorial Day at the cabin. The kids look forward to every cabin trip weeks in advance. Haylie counts down the days and on the morning of our trip to the cabin she runs into our room excited that the day has finally come.

In addition to climbing and gathering pine cones for the fire, her favorite thing to do is throw rocks into the river. She is getting more adventurous each time, now trying to find the biggest rock possible to throw in the water, even if it means recruiting Daddy to pick it up and toss it in:

I always have to make Haylie do a little modeling for me too:
We took the time to celebrate Grandma's birthday since we hadn't gotten much chance earlier in the month:
The kids LOVE their grandma:

We all decided to head out for a little hike up to the lodge for some ice cream:
Most of the walk was on roads and trails - the kids got worn out pretty quick:
Taking a little rest and grabbing some cute pics:

We finally made it to the ice cream after countless "10 more minutes..."

Luckily once we arrived at the lodge, Grandma and Grandpa showed up in the Jeep so we didn't have to make the trek back by foot: