Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Book

I am really committed to the blog book now - my scrapbooking efforts have floundered (as my blogging efforts lately have as well). However, it takes less time to come in and bring the blog up to speed, so my current means of recording our day to day has to be the blog. Long ago Micah thoughtfully made a book out of the blog and then many people told me about where you can purchase a book of your blog. Going forward I will be buying blog books as it was a very time consuming and still pretty expensive process to make it on our own.

I just found this special offer that I thought I would share. I haven't done it yet for last year but am planning on it (Micah was about halfway through building our 2009 book but we are going to jump ship to the easier method!). If you go to this link, there is a coupon code for $39.95 off of a blog book, until August 2010. I started to create our book from last year and based on the number of pages from my 2009 blog posts - it looked like the cost would be about $50 - if you take away this discount that seems like a pretty amazing deal!!

For all those looking to create a blog book to preserve their memories in hard copy - hope this helps!!!


~april said...

that's an awesome deal! i bought my 1st blub book last year to commemorate fox's first year of life and i think it was around $50-60 for the hardback and i made several soft covers as grandparent gifts. only buy on the sales, they have them often, but 39.95 off!?! that's amazing! makes me want to make another one even BEFORE fox's 2nd year is over!

Mindy said...

Awesome! I've been planning to order ours through Blurb but still have a couple of 2009 holiday entries to add (I'm SUCH a procrastinator!). Maybe this will be my incentive to GET IT DONE! Thanks for sharing!