Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Hard Knock Life

Lots of pictures in this post because I am such a proud Mommy. Haylie had her first big dance recital this year and all of her biggest fans came out to watch her. We had almost front row seats and were just bursting with excitement to watch her cute little performance. Funny enough, Haylie was an orphan and danced to the song "Hard Knock Life" from Annie. She was so beautiful and did such a wonderful job. I am the luckiest Mommy to get to watch her do things like this - I never want to miss any special moment in her precious life.

Here's James - a little bored watching all the other dancers before Haylie:

There's my cute little mad girl - this was part of their routine and she made the cutest little mad face:

Her cousins were very proud of her too:
Grandma and Grandpa couldn't miss Haylie's big day, even though Grandma had been to Haylie's dance class several times and watched her practice her routine:
Momo was proud of Haylie too:
Love you Haylie-girl!!

I feel like the luckiest Mom to have such a wonderful daughter:
The night before her recital, just after dress-rehearsal I took Haylie to a nature area for a few pics in her costume. After about 20 min and 100 or so pictures I had so many good ones. She is such a great little model: