Thursday, January 27, 2011

Activity Junkie part 2

Thanks to Haylie, we live in a constant state of activity and arts and crafts as I shared about in this previous post. I have a book that is filled with ideas for games and crafts. Haylie loves to pull out that book (almost every day), turn to a random page and say, "let's do this one," picking an activity for us to do. Here are a couple of our more recent projects that I remembered to take pictures of:

We drew and colored a bunch of road signs and then created our own little journey through the house. Together we traveled the journey around the house, under tables, down hallways to dead ends and past detours and railroad crossings, too many times to count.

We were saving this activity for a windy day and it finally came. Haylie had found it in the book a couple times but it didn't make sense to do this project on a day we couldn't use them. It was a perfect day and they turned out great: