Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make Me Dance

James has this little stuffed penguin that he got as a gift from Micah's Aunt and whenever you squeeze it, it sings out in it's best helium-esque, penguin voice: "Make me dance..." I'm singing it in my head as a I type this and I wish I could include a sound clip with this post so you could all hear it as well- it really is hilarious (especially when James plays it over and over again for 3 hours on the way home from Fresno - I digress...) Whenever I think about dancing it's all I can hear!

Well our Bible Study group got together for Danielle's 30th birthday for some dancing fun. I was pretty bummed that all the guys were there except Micah - he had a work event :( and we couldn't find a babysitter! So sad! But we still had lots of fun.

Grant was our only dancing guy even though all the guys were there!

Happy Birthday Danielle!!!!