Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go Pack Go!

OK so I don't really like football and usually could care less about the superbowl. In fact, confession, I didn't even know who was playing in it the day of the game. When I asked Micah who he was rooting for he said he was hoping Green Bay would win because he didn't really like the quarterback of the other team. Well, confession #2, I sometimes read people magazine and such material while at the hair stylist or the gym or even standing in line at the grocery store - so when he told me the name of the quarterback on the opposing team - I was quite familiar with that whole fiasco. (Disclaimer: Now I know everything you read is not necessarily true and I have no idea what really happened, however I tend to see that people who are doing no wrong don't get continuously accused of the same thing for no reason).

So, to get into the spirit of the game, I quickly decided we were all showing our support for Green Bay at our friend's superbowl party that day and I dressed the whole family in green. :) Silly I know! It was fun though and I think Micah was glad because I am much more into sports if I know something about the players and who they are versus just the game itself.

ha ha! Go Pack go - I'm told that's their chant - I taught it to the kids :)

In the end, Green Bay won. As Haylie says - about her princess movies - the bad guy never wins in the end. At least that seemed to be the case this time :)