Friday, February 11, 2011

The Go-Go Game

Even though they're supposed to be sleeping, I secretly love listening to Haylie and James in their beds at night, chatting and playing - it is such a sweet bonding time for them. The other day I left their room after putting them to bed and I stopped at the top of the stairs because I figured I would have to come back anyways. As soon as I disappeared out of sight I heard from the room, "Is she gone? Do you want to play the Go-Go Game?"

I came back in to the room to talk to them about not being obedient but truthfully I was trying to stop from smiling because they were so cute together. I asked what the Go-Go Game was and they informed me it was something they play every night - I still have never been able to decipher exactly what it entails. Haylie says it's just a game they play and James says they just get up and play around.

Someday they'll have to teach me how to play!