Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Hotel - part 4 - Snowmobiling

Last year we tried snowmobiling with the kids. We did a 30 minute trip around a track and the kids really seemed to like it. So this year we decided to try the 2 hour scenic trip. It was a beautiful trip and definitely scenic. - it was gorgeous riding through the mountains on a sunny, clear day.

However, little did we know it was a turbo trip through the scenery. The majority of the two hours were spent whizzing by the scenery following the tour guide at top speed. I think the boys enjoyed it but I would have preferred a little more of a stop and take pictures every ten to twenty minutes kind of trip. The kids were such troopers despite the wind blowing their teeth dry for two hours as we cut through the snowy air as fast as we could go. When we first started out they were laughing and screaming at the bumps and how fast we were driving. Poor Haylie started to get sick that morning and could barely hold her head up by the end of the tour. We were pretty lucky they are so great though.