Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Mermaid

Mommy and Haylie had a fun date night to go see the Little Mermaid at the Music Circus Theater. 

Haylie chose to go to Islands for dinner because she had a special free kids meal certificate from her teacher. We both got all dressed up for our date and Haylie seemed like such a little grown-up girl hanging out with Mommy. We actually ended up stopping by Gap Outlet and picking her up a new dress because her only fancy dress was getting a little small and uncomfortable for her. She liked the orange one she picked out because it seemed more like an "ocean color" than her black dress. 

Our seats were pretty close but we were sitting behind a very tall person so Haylie ended up sitting on my lap the whole first half. We noticed an empty seat on the end in the front row so at intermission I asked the person next to it if we could sit there and she said it was fine. Haylie sat on my lap the rest of the show but it was fun sitting right in the first row in front of Ariel and Eric.