Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday pampering

Boy I felt loved on my birthday this year. Daddy and the kids planned a whole day full of fun things for me. First we went all the way to Freeport Bakery - my favorite place for breakfast - cheese danishes and fresh-squeezed lemonade - yes please!!!

I got a pedicure and then some new shoes for my birthday gift. I have been wanting TOMS for a while and I just love the idea of "one for one."

My Dad and Kathy joined us for Shakespeare in the Park that evening - one of my most favorite things to do!! It was great and a friend was in the play this year, which made it even better.

Micah also planned a little hike that weekend with no kids. It ended up being a bit of a disaster as the directions we had for the trailhead lead us to a road that said there was dynamite testing. We drove in a little further because we were sure the directions online kept saying it doesn't look like the right road but if you keep going you will find it. The further we drove in, the bigger the signs got warning us to turn around before we get blown up. Once we saw a sign that said it was not the trailhead we figured someone was trying to keep people out and clearly there was a mistake here. So, we took our lunch and found a little creek and just had a picnic.