Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Weekend Is Not My Own

This has been Micah's quote all weekend long. We had an activity almost every waking moment this weekend - most of which Micah had to be coerced into. On Friday night we had a church event, then I was at the scrapbook Expo all day Saturday (8-5), then we attended a friend's "trailer-trash bash" on Saturday night; Micah had to take apart and transport a new play structure all day Sunday and then we went to one of my old highschool friends' house on Sunday night. It was a fun weekend but it sure was busy and I think poor Micah is actually happy to go back to work tomorrow! A couple of pics from the weekend:

The Scrapbook Expo. This is an annual event that we count down for all year. It is SO fun!

Taking one of the scrapbooking classes
At the "Trailer Trash Bash" Check out Micah -a little too authentic looking!! We were cracking up all night!
The party was very well done with tons of props and decor. Not sure why we took a picture with the tent...


Kirk and Abbey said...

Ah -- tell Micah he is not alone! Kirk feels that way these days, too! He goes to work just to get a break!

matt & april said...

this party is hilarious!!!

as for the weekends...matt can feel michah's pain! and he's not even "daddy" quite yet!