Monday, October 13, 2008

Dress-Up Fun

Haylie waited in eager anticipation for her birthday party over the last several weeks. She was so excited when it finally came - mostly just because she couldn't wait until all her friends came over, and then there was the cake part too...

We had a "dress-up" party so all the kids wore dress up clothes and we had a bunch of extra ones that they played with as well. Here is a group shot with almost all of the kids.

We also "dressed up" gingerbread men with lots of candy. (Below is Haylie's friend Jack from Seattle. She was so excited that he was in town and could come to her party)
Most of the kids were caught eating more candy than actually went on the gingerbread men. I stopped Haylie in the middle of shoving a huge handful of chocolate chips into her mouth. Regardless, she was in a sugar daze for most of the day.
The kids were so cute trying on various hats and shoes, etc! We had baskets full of Haylie's dress-up clothes and things I picked up at the Dollar Tree.
OK us adults decided to play a little dress up as well!
All in all it was a great day. Haylie absolutely loved her birthday. She keeps telling me about her birthday party when all her friends came to her house. She loves to be with people and play with her friends more than anything. Thank you to all for making her feel so special with your presence!


Christine said...

I am so bummed we missed little Haylie's birthday party! Looks like tons of fun was had by all!

happy birthday, Haylie!!

matt & april said...

i love home parties the best and you did a great job with haylie's! she will remember it for a long time!

One Mommy's view point said...

It looks like it was a blast! I am sorry Eli had to miss out. He could have helped even out the boy/girl ratio from the looks of the pictures! :)

Travis, Bethany, and Savannah said...

Savannah had a fantastic time too - it was a great party!