Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Shame

I've never been afraid to ask for help. I don't mind one bit stopping for directions and admitting I am completely lost. I always raise my hand in class if I don't understand how to do the work (I know - I hate those kids!) And I certainly don't mind emailing a great photographer and asking for ways to get better either.

I was SO excited this past weekend when I met with an amazing photographer, Kristin Eldridge. I have been following her blog ever since our friend Melissa left a comment about some of the photographers she loves. A few weeks ago I saw that she was coming to the Bay Area for the weekend so I emailed her to see if I could book one of her session times for mentoring instead of photos. She agreed and we left last Saturday at 7 AM to meet her for one of her early morning slots (thank you to my family for tagging along with me - you are the best!). Kristin was SO gracious and so helpful, letting me drill her with questions for almost an hour. I had an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet FULL of questions and she answered every one of them. She really helped me with tips about dealing with difficult lighting, getting the right focus, shooting in RAW, good camera equipment and post processing. She even let me take some shots with her Canon 5D and her 24-70 mm lens. I was drooling!! She was the nicest person and I am so grateful for her time.

I just saw this post she did and I can't believe she even got some great pictures of the kids while she was showing me how to do things. Here is a quick shot I took of her. Hopefully she doesn't mind me posting. She was so great!


Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to have such a talented wife. Your pictures capture our life and I am more and more impressed with your photo talent. Just keep using the kids as guinea pigs and not me!!! Love, Micah.

Melissa said...

I was on Kristin's blog and saw the photos she captured of the kids. It's so cool you were able to get some 1-on-1 mentoring! Your photos are looking fabulous - practice is sure paying off! Keep up the great work!!

matt & april said...

that is soooo awesome!!!!