Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finger Physical Therapy

Micah's finger is now in the healing process. For those that missed it you can check out the background here.

He went to the doctor this week where he got his stitches removed and learned all sorts of new things about what happens when your bone comes out of your finger.

First he got a nice new little pinky cast...

Next, he will be going to finger physical therapy for 6 weeks where he will practice bending his finger with the doctor for 30 minutes. He even has pinky excercises to do every day. Apparently he needs to re-learn how to move his little finger. The pinky finger stabilizes the hand for gripping and it is essential to get it working again. Try holding your pinky finger stiff and gripping something without bending it or using it... He also learned about the "buddy system:" soon he will be able to remove his cast and strap his pinky to his ring finger (the one without a ring anymore), which will serve to stabilize the pinky and help it move.

We never knew this would be such a big process of rehabilitation for his pinky. We have gotten a kick out of it though!