Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Continued Attempts at Being a Real Photographer

I continue to soak up knowledge wherever I can get it in attempts to be better at photography... reading, spending hours looking at other photographers' blogs and practicing!! My poor kids : )

I really love taking pictures and learning new things about how to get better. Recently I had the opportunity to take some pictures of my friend Sara's new baby boy Isaac. He is about 6 weeks old and SO adorable. He was such a good baby during our whole little photo shoot. He was wide awake almost the entire time and he was so good. We waited around to get some sleeping shots and he finally dozed off just as we were packing up. I'm so glad he did because I love his adorable little sleeping poses! Here are my favorite pictures from our time together with a slideshow of the rest of the pictures! I have 3 more shoots planned over the next couple weeks so lots more practice in store! :)



Mindy said...

Gorgeous Sandy! I love the color shot of Isaac in the basket (from above) and the picture of mommy & baby kissing with their noses aligned. How sweet!!!!!!!

matt & april said...

i was just telling my mom how i excited i was that you will take some pics of our son possibly for his birth announcements last night when she was over.
isaac is so cute and you did such a wonderful job!!!

Travis, Bethany, and Savannah said...

Sandy, you are incredibly talented! Your pictures are better than some professional pics I've seen!

Kirk and Abbey said...

These really are beautiful!
Good to see you Saturday! :)