Monday, October 20, 2008

I Have Grass!

As we walked outside a friend's house this weekend, on the way to our car, Haylie veered off of the stone pathway onto the grass, then turned around and proudly announced, "I have grass!" Our friends gave a soft chuckle with the standard "oh... good for you, " but I felt like chiming in right along with her, yes "I have grass too!!!" We could have started our own chant of excitement about our new grass. But, instead I lifted her into the car, got into my seat, calmly closed the door and then the squealing began. Both Haylie and I hit new octaves when we are excited. "Haylie, do you have grass now? Yay, do you like your grass? Mommy likes it too."

Our yard has been dead for over a year now since we moved into our house. However, between fixing up the inside then having a baby it has taken us awhile to get around to it. In an attempt to make our neighbors hate us more than they already did for the dreadful appearance of the front of our house, this summer we gutted the lawn down to the dirt level. We thought we would get to the sod very soon but instead we spent the summer looking at brown dirt in front of our home, rather than the semi-green weed mess that was there before.

Last week the sod truck pulled up and we all did our happy dance as they layed down the grass in our front and backyard. Here are some shots of James and Haylie enjoying the new grass.

Apparently it's been so long since we had grass they forgot what it was for!


Mindy said...

Wow! James is getting so big! He's got a big boy face now. I haven't seen you guys in forever, the kiddos are growing up so fast.

One Mommy's view point said...

Eli is seriously obsessed! Today Grant was reading this post and Eli got a glimpse of "Hylie" and then demanded (literally...Hylie, Hylie, Hylie, more, more) that we look at more pictures of Haylie. So we searched through the blog posts and then our own photo files to see our friend "Hylie".

I love that you were both so excited about grass! It is so fun when you see how excited kids get about the smallest (or bigest) things! :)