Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raider on the Rubicon

Considering that my family seems to be injury prone and people are starting to pick up on that - I thought I would share one more injury story...

Uncle Brian recently took Raider on his annual "off-roading" trip to the Rubicon. Raider absolutely loved it except for one part. At one point the Jeep was leaning way over to the right and Raider actually fell out the side. The Jeep proceeded to tip over and land on Raider's foot - ouch!!! He came home that weekend and was back on crutches with a bruised, swollen foot. Luckily, after a trip back to the foot doctor and some more x-rays - they determined it was not broken.

Either way, I think Uncle Brian has found himself a new tag-along for his Rubicon trips.
On a side note: When Raider made the decision to go on the trip, it was before his friends had planned an all-night video gaming party and before he knew about the Cross-Country team trip to San Francisco. He was telling me he was a little bummed he was missing those things. I asked him if he still wanted to go and would he have fun on the Rubicon trip. And his response was "Of course, it's Brian!!"

Here's Raider getting back at Uncle Brian for dropping the Jeep on his foot.