Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Good Parent Quiz

It is only one question, you decide...

1. Your 15 year old son decides to give his IPOD (that he just got for christmas) to one of his friends at school (without asking you), do you:

A. Demand he get it back & ground him for giving away a $250 item without asking

B. Commend him for being so generous with his friends

C. Say nothing and vow never to buy him anything expensive again

Given that I just gave a speech about raising unselfish children on my blog yesterday I guess that pretty much leaves me with only one possible solution!!

Here is a picture of Raider with his IPOD this Christmas. Apparently he didn't really need it anymore because he "can just put songs on his phone."


Grandma Runner said...

WOW - can I be Raider's friend - I need an IPOD!?! Just don't be getting that boy a car any time soon - Just might give it away. Good to be generous, but his friends parents should be aware what happened and that he is not JUST borrowing it from Raider. . . just a little mom/grandma advise - Love you RAIDER!!!