Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Junior Scrapbooker

I have started training Haylie early!! She is just destined to be a scrapbooker :) Actually, I was scrapbooking one day and Haylie decided she wanted to scrapbook too. So I pulled up a chair for her at my desk, stapled some paper together and put her to work with some extra photos, crayons, glue, and stickers. She did a great job making herself a little scrapbook. Mommy was very proud! Then she started naming some of her friends that she wanted to make scrapbooks for also. I happily obliged since I was getting pages done myself! :) Isn't that just the greatest?!!!


Jaime said...

Watch out least he has Raider and James to have fun with while you ladies scrapbook! Along with a college fund, you might have to start a scrapbooking fund for Haylie if she's gonna start this early! Hee hee!

Gretchen said...

So cute, she has a good eye for it already :) My poor kids suffer from Photographer's Child Syndrome characterized by a distinct lack of printed pictures and gigabytes of images languishing on countless hard drives!