Friday, September 26, 2008

Raider Boys

Photos of the boys in their new "Raiders" shirts that grandma bought for them. (Of course Raider loves everything that says "Raiders"on it.) These are for you Grandma:


Kirk and Abbey said...

The family I bought our house from had a 13-year-old son who loved the Raiders, so they had painted his whole bedroom black and gray. It lasted about two seconds once Abbey and I got married. I think I've still got their leftover paint in the garage--let me know if you'd like it for your place. ;-)

The Runner Bunch said...

Kirk - you are so nice. Boy would Raider love that - I will have to think about whether I want him to have black and gray walls... :) So were you holding onto it in case Abbey changed her mind?

matt & april said...

oh wow! those are great! i love the one of them looking at each other!