Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Her First Day!

Today was Haylie's first day of preschool and she was so excited. She woke up ready and rarin to go!! All she could talk about was going to play with "my friends." We had to get the traditional first day of school photos and she was just sooo cute with her little backpack (which she didn't actually need for school). I couldn't be more proud! We prayed together for her big day and then Mommy took her to class. She went straight into the room and started painting immediately without a second thought. It was sad to think about how she has grown up so fast already but I was so proud and excited for her about the fun that awaits.

After school Daddy picked her up and took her to lunch. She told him about how fun school was, how she went down the slide and how she pushed a boy and a boy pushed and hit her! Fun times!!! :)

In preparation for school we thought she should learn her whole name. Here it is... (H A Y L I E - Haylie Faith Runner)


Marty, Sarah, and Jack Dillard said...

So cute. Jack and I watched Haylie's movie about 6 times. He can't get enough. As I type jack is saying "I want to watch it again."

Jaime said...

What a fun first day of school! I must say, H A Y L I E faith Runner looks way cuter than I ever did in my brown cords and turqoise t-shirt! :) Sounds like you may need to enroll her in some self-defense classes as well. Ha ha!

Annie said...

Sandy!!! This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!