Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Haylie's First Sleepover

Haylie's cousin Kiley invited her to have a sleepover at her house. Haylie was SO excited!!! She and Kiley have so much fun together. Haylie has a book called "Thank You God." It goes through various members of the family and says "thank you" for them and why. It's the most perfect book - among the various people the little girl in it is thankful for is her cousin. It says, "Thank you God for my cousin, we have the best sleepovers." Haylie loves that even more now that her and Kiley have had a real sleepover.

It also says "Thank you God for my Aunt and Uncle. I have so much fun with them." This is the truth. Auntie Nicole and Uncle Brian are sooo much fun - they took the girls to McDonalds and even built a fort with sleeping bags in the living room where the girls could sleep.
They made silly faces and even jumped on the beds!!! I'm pretty sure Haylie will always want to go to Auntie Nicole and Uncle Brian's house when she is older because it will be much more fun there!!!
At least they read some books!!! :)
Haylie LOVES her cousin Kiley. She is her absolute most favorite person and I am so thankful they can hang out, play and grow up with each other!


Kirk and Abbey said...

It really is so special that you and Nicole are close and now Haylie and Kiley are, too. I wish I had a sister! :)