Thursday, September 25, 2008

Daddy Daughter Time

Micah has been doing such a great job lately spending quality one on one time with Haylie. He regularly picks her up from preschool and takes her out to lunch and Haylie always says how much she likes going to lunch with Daddy. Last week he took Haylie to see the Veggie Tales show in town. They had soooo much fun. Haylie came home asleep on Daddy's shoulder, clutching her Veggie Tales light that Daddy bought her and wearing her Veggie Tales shirt (which Grandma got for her awhile ago). It was pretty apparent she partied hard as a little Veggie Tales groupie! Micah said she was even standing up and dancing throughout the show. Here are a couple photos from their adventure. Good job Daddy!


the mathisons said...

What a great dad! Reese loves her time with her daddy... how fortunate for these girls to have the fathers they do to point them to their Heavenly Father.