Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Miss You Auntie Bekah

Auntie Bekah has been home for the last couple weeks, visiting us from the Coast Guard. It was great to have her here and catch up - and babysit :). We got to see photos of all her stops on the boat and her fun times hanging out on the beach in Florida. Today she left to go back to work and we were all so sad! We snapped some quick photos before she headed out the door. We miss you already Auntie Bekah! Safe travels and come visit us again real soon!!!


matt & april said...

these pics are GREAT, sandy! i just visited abbey's blog and saw the pics you took of claire--adorable! can baby boy be next????

The Runner Bunch said...

Thanks April - most definitely!! I can't wait to take pictures of baby boy!!! :)