Sunday, August 17, 2008

7 months old

James turns 7 months old tomorrow. He is such a little smarty - check out what he learned this month:
OK well at least he's chewing on smarter toys...
He is getting to be such a big boy and developing little boy features. My favorite of which is his amazing blue eyes. It is my goal in life to capture how bright and pretty they are. (Click on the picture below to see it full size)
"This is my sad face - please stop taking pictures of me."James is just the happiest baby. We love his smile and his adorable little laugh. He is still trying to crawl and likes to be standing up holding onto something. He is getting pretty good at giving Daddy high-fives. I don't think he knows what he's doing but he likes to hit Daddy's hand when he puts it up. He has finally learned to live with baby food instead of rice cereal. When we went on vacation I decided it was too difficult to make rice cereal on the road so he has learned to like baby food. Although he gets pretty grumbly when he is eating vegetables (just like his daddy), with the exception of Carrots and Sweet Potatoes; he is much happier when he is eating fruit.


Jaime said...

First of all I love these photos! James is just turning into such a little boy! What a cutie! And second, I love your new look. I may be picking your brain soon for help with ours! :)

Kirk and Abbey said...

LOVE the blog redesign! Is it a template or did you design it? So cute!

The Runner Bunch said...

Abbey - Thanks I was very excited about it - it was a template that I changed just a little and then I made the picture thing at the top and added it like you would any image. I can help you do one when you come over!

And Jaime - anytime! You know what idea I like for would be so cute :)

matt & april said...

i had a lot to catch up on on your blog! james and haylie are adorable and i love your photography skills.

i am so sad we didn't see you at church yesterday. i saw micah briefly, but didn't get a chance to ask him if you were there too. :( i hope to see you soon.

Mindy said...

Hey Sandy! I absolutely LOVE your blog redesign. Your header rocks. Gorgeous color. Beautiful little swirly-doo-bob. Those pictures of James are just so cute! :)