Monday, June 9, 2008

Backyard Birthday BASH - literally!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!!! What a fun day we had on Sunday, celebrating his birthday and chatting about how old we're all getting! The girls all had a great time with an impromptu swim - Dad and the guys decided to run up to the store and get a little pool so the kids could play in the water. We weren't prepared with suits so all the girls were swimming naked (photos not appropriate for website publishing!!).

My Dad (left) and his best friend Mario (since highschool)
Onto the bash part- my Dad and Kathy's house isn't exactly child-proofed. They have done a ton of work on their backyard and it is quite the quaint, artsy little retreat, complete with statues and fountains, etc. All of these things were like magnets for Haylie and Kiley who were instantly soaked after trying to drink from the fountains, get in the fountains and take apart the fountains. It's all fun and games until something gets broken.... CRASH went a gorgeous little green duck statue into lots of tiny pieces. We felt terrible and hence it was time to distract the kids with something else, so off to the store for a little pool.


Kirk and Abbey said...

You just get the best pictures! I love that little "oops" face!

Mindy said...

I love the picture of Haylie sticking her tongue out in excitement. It so perfectly showcases the wonder and amazement and joy of childhood!