Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank You Country Strong Soundtrack

Well most everyone knows I love the Country Strong soundtrack. I listen to it so much that my kids even know the words by now. Haylie belts out the words in the car as we're driving along "who needs a boyfriend, I've got my girlfriends..."

Well the other day I liked the Country Strong Soundtrack a little more! One of the boys in Haylie's class asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend and Haylie said her response was: "no. I don't need a boyfriend. I like my girlfriends." Daddy reminded her to keep that perspective until college!

I can't believe it has already started!!! - I want to discourage the "boyfriend" thing for as long as I can. Obviously it's harmless at this point and the kid probably doesn't understand what he is even asking. However, with the average age of kids having sex dropping to the low teens / tweens and in addition, living in the middle of the teenage years with Raider right now, I figure there is enough boyfriend / girlfriend stuff to last a lifetime!! I am encouraging my little princess to steer clear of it all as long as I possibly can!