Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love for Orphans Transforms

This week I headed out to Kentucky for the Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference. My good friends Jaime and Danielle went and Micah met us there after a business trip in Washington DC. I was so thankful to be at the conference this year with Micah and such great friends who share a passion for glorifying God and helping children without families.

The conference was simply amazing again this year and I felt so blessed to able to attend with thousands of others who are passionate about serving orphans as well. All of the speakers and testimonials were so inspiring; I felt motivated and filled with ideas to bring back to our Home For Good Ministries team and work.

Of all the speakers one of the things that stood out to me most was when Russell Moore said that despite our fears and hesitations about getting close and serving orphans, that "love for orphans transforms." What a true and defining statement. I don't know anyone that has gotten involved with orphan care or fostered / adopted that hasn't felt transformed by it. Caring for orphans is so very core to the heart of God that it brings you to a new place in your relationship with Him. I feel lucky and truly blessed to be a part of making a small difference in the world for "the least of these."

Headed to the conference. So excited:

Ready for the day to start!!

Watching a live taping of Dennis Rainey's Family Life Radio Show - this lady and her husband adopted 13 kids through a truly amazing story:
Show Hope:
Listening to a panel of Adoptive Mommy bloggers - so fun:
Almost time to leave :(
Headed home to see my babies:

Thanks Christian Alliance for Orphans - until next year!