Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Job

Today was my first day of my new job of being a full-time Mommy. Although, it isn't a huge difference, since I used to work from home and I didn't work many hours anyways. However, there was a new-found sense of freedom and of course responsibility - I simply adore spending time with my loves and I want to use the time wisely - to benefit my kids, my husband and my relationship with God. Craft projects are definitely one of the kids and my favorite things to do. Today we made this little project for Haylie's teacher, in honor of teacher appreciation day:
I found the idea online here.
I found the printable online here.

I was pretty excited about the little project. In all it cost me about $4 to do. I found the vase on sale at Michaels for about $3 and I got the pencils for a little under $1. I had the ribbon at home and printed out the little sign. Pretty fun - I am looking forward to many more crafts and activities with the kids!!

Only mishaps included a few glue-gun, burnt fingers (Haylie's and mine). Plus the following ribbon unraveling. As I was gluing away James was cracking up. When I finally looked up, this is the picture I saw: