Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pink with purple hearts on the side are the ones she chose for her new glasses. Haylie cried when she couldn't take them home from the eye doctor that day.

After a vision test at school that recommended she visit the eye doctor, we made an appointment and they determined she needed glasses. Haylie has an astigmatism in her left eye, which if not treated with corrective lenses, will become lazy due to the right eye overpowering it. Haylie loves to tell people she has to wear her glasses or her eye will be lazy. I hope she always enjoys wearing them as much as she does right now. After wearing glasses in 6th and 7th grade and hating them, I was a little sad for Haylie having to wear them too. However, it hasn't phased her one bit at this point and in fact her friends all want their own glasses now too.

Here she is at the eye doctor picking out her glasses:
Some photos of Haylie we took to celebrate her new look: