Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainbow Fish

I absolutely love helping in Haylie's class and was so thankful for the opportunity to do that throughout her Kindergarten year. This picture is from one of the last days of school called Character Day, in which parents volunteer to dress up like a character in a book and read a story to the kids (7 different times as the classes rotate through).

I love reading stories and I knew right away which book I wanted to read: Rainbow Fish! It is one of my most favorite children's books and I love the message. Micah said of course I had to pick a book with a message instead of something funny or silly but oh well! :)

I wore a rainbow striped dress and a little fish hat. The best part was at the end of the story I had a basket full of jewels (like shiny scales - which I had also taped all over my dress) - I let the kids each pick one from the basket to take as a reminder to share their shine with others around them. I love the message that Rainbow Fish teaches about having a generous, selfless spirit so great!

I'm in the middle of the picture below - looking pretty silly!

Haylie was so thrilled to have me there it made me feel good. And at the end of the day the teacher asked the kids which of the 7 stories was their favorite and it was a toss-up between Rainbow Fish and SpongeBob :)