Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished Project

Oh boy it feels good to finish a project!!! Well I have FINALLY finished my little photo / scrapbooking room (yes I still believe I will scrapbook again someday!). My little area was in need of a major re-haul since it has been pretty much blank walls and zero decor since we moved into this house years ago. I have been wanting to display some of my favorite images of the kids and I even put up some of my other favorite random pictures. You might remember from the last blog post that I was inspired by the “Design A Glow” room with beautiful canvases and black damask curtains. I spent hours online looking at fabric and finally found the perfect one to make my own damask curtains. Check it out:

You’ve already seen this wall with the Gallery Wrap canvases.


In addition to the canvases I really wanted to incorporate some of the other things available to my clients so I could test them out myself. Rather than frame the image below I decided to mount it on Styrene board and place it on a photo holder - I thought it gave the picture a little more modern look which went with the room.



For the other side of the room I also chose to mount images on a lighter-weight matboard and then put a small piece of Foam Board behind them so they would stand out from the wall. I’m actually not in love with this arrangement and I am certain I will probably rearrange them a few more times. I think they need to be a little closer together and maybe not quite so symmetrical. We’ll see :)



Here’s a closer look at the images I narrowed down - as you can imagine I have a ton of different pictures of my kids but these are just some of my favorites.


So this is the final product - YAY - I figure since I spend hours processing pictures in this room it might as well be pretty! :)