Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slumber Party

A couple weeks ago our Bible Study girls got together for a much anticipated slumber party. For Megan's birthday, her husband rented us a suite at the Hyatt and we all got together in our jammies for some more Twilight fun - I know, pathetic. This time we went all out. I feel silly blogging this but it was too fun not share and way too fun not capture as a part of our fun memories for the year.

Prior to our slumber party we had a little iron-on get together where we all made tank tops sporting our own Twilight slogans. It was fun coming up with what we wanted to put on our shirts. Then we went to dinner in our shirts before beginning our big night at the hotel.
Yes we went to dinner in our tank tops - we have no shame! :)
Megan and Rebekah showing off the posters Megan brought for birthday decor...
Jamie made a cake for Megan's birthday... Plus we had tons of snacks and candy for movie night.
Jammies on and ready to watch the movie again - trying to make it through in under 4 hours this time!
We all stayed up until about 3:00 in the morning and went home useless the next day for our families, but it was so fun!!! No we're not completely obsessed - ok maybe Megan is :) - but it is a great excuse for some girl bonding and lots of silly fun!! We can't wait until movie #2 comes out.


Megan said...

Hey...I'm not the only one that's obsessed;) You guys are the ones that got me hooked!

~april said...

you girls are too cute! i wish i had a book club, but i can't find the time to read any more. i don't know how you do it...i miss books!

The Thomas Family said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted pics! What fun that was!!

Pam Davis said...

This is Pam Davis formerly from Lanscatter now in SC and long time friends with the Runners! Just wanted you to know, since you love horror films, it sounds, that my daughter Hope's husband is nearly finished with his PhD in Horror Films and Culture studies. Bet you didn't know one could get a terminal degree in HF! He loves it. Love all your photos! Pam Davis