Thursday, August 6, 2009

Take Your Kids to Work Day

Every year Haylie looks forward to the day she gets to go to work with Daddy. It is a big event and she remembers it and talks about it all throughout the year. Well - the day finally came. There were tons of kids tons of fun things to do.
At the beginning they had to introduce themselves and say one thing they like. Haylie said she likes her family. Isn't that sweet? When Micah told me that for some reason I wasn't even sure she knew what she meant. When she got home and I asked her about her day, I asked her what she said she likes - she said her family. I was shocked she said the same thing twice. I asked her what family is and she said Mommy, Daddy, Raider and James. Yay - she likes us!!! :) She was a little shy introducing herself:
Every year Haylie attaches herself to a big person and Micah's pretty sure it's the same girls - they carry her around all day and help her with everything. It is pretty funny to watch. Haylie knows the best way to get her way is to find someone bigger she can wrap around her finger! :)

Micah said she worked on this little house for hours. She was very proud when she was finished!


RosalindawithDT said...

Your blog is cute. The photos you post are perfect. Keep posting and making people like me happy.