Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Cabin...again

It all started with my new Canon Rebel, this photography craze that is, which has taken over my very being. I have always loved taking pictures but it was my first SLR a few years ago that really set me on the path, determined to get better at photography. I have a long way to go to meet all my goals but every day I enjoy learning new things. My kids are the reason I decided to take photography to the next level in the first place. I always felt my point and shoot and my previous photography skills couldn’t possibly capture the beauty of the moments I felt with my family. Now, I still bring along my “little cameras” sometimes and even shoot in Auto mode when I get lazy but it’s always fun to bring out the big guy to capture those great memories in full, vibrant color.

This weekend we had a much needed family getaway to “the cabin” and I had so much fun capturing our fun times (we have spent a lot of time at the cabin this year - more than normal I think but it has been fun). The pictures below are copied from my photography blog:


Haylie loves gathering pine cones for the fire:


James loves following Haylie around:


Helping Daddy make dinner:



This time at the cabin we took the boat on the lake; Micah and Raider took Haylie out for a little ride. This was her first time on a boat and although she was a little concerned at first she had a great time:


It’s so fun now that James is getting older and the kids can really enjoy playing together and wandering around in the trees and rocks:


Of course Haylie loves the cabin because she can play in the dirt!