Friday, January 2, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

We had a low-key New Years with a few friends from our Bible Study group. We went out to pizza and then just hung out and played some games after. Micah and I agreed this was definitely our kind of New Year's event. It's funny how you learn more about yourself as you get older - I have learned I like small groups and low-key events - I'm really not a big party, lots of people, kind of girl. I am a dork and I love to play games like Pictionary and just sit around with good friends and chat. It was perfect! And... a few pics of course:

Pictionary. The boys won :(

Dave and Natalie were in town so they came by - It was so fun to have them join us!
Rob and Danielle - poor Danielle had to work - we missed you :(

The group... (Sorry I cut you out Grant!)