Monday, January 5, 2009

A Reading by Haylie

Haylie carries this book around looking for anyone she can read it to. (She read it to the whole family several times while we were at Christmas in Southern California) Here she found a captive audience in James since I left him sitting in his car for a minute and he couldn't escape...

"Never Put a Frog in the Kitchen Sink"

She has her own take on the book but here is how one of the pages reads so you can follow along:

"Never put a frog in your Daddy's Shoe, your Daddy's shoe, your Daddy's shoe. Never put a frog in your Daddy's shoe or your Daddy's going to yell: 'Who put a slimy frog in my shoe, in my shoe, in my shoe. Who put a slimy frog in my shoe, your Daddy's going to yell.'"


Mindy said...

Future teacher!

Kirk and Abbey said...

That reminds me of an old Steve Martin joke. When asked why he was so funny, he replied that when he woke up, he put some baloney in his shoe so that he could "feel a little funny." (I'm sure he told it better that I did...)