Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Year!!!

James turned 1 year old last week. It's always so hard to watch your children grow up and it's just unbelieveable how fast it goes. I'm pretty sure I missed blogging about his 11-month and maybe even 10-month milestones so here are a couple updates on what James is up to - he's been up to a lot:

  • He is walking! - Over the last month and a half he has gotten better and better. He still falls down and is a little unstable but he is doing really well and often walks around the house without holding onto anything.
  • He is talking! - From what we can tell so far he says More, Milk, Ball and I believe he has been saying Out (when he wants out of his highchair). He has been saying the words for about a month but usually repeating the sounds after we say them - it took us awhile to realize he actually knew what he meant. Ball is definitely his most frequent word!
  • He is signing! - He says more, all done, eat and we are currently working on please and thank you.
  • He does NOT like strangers. James is still struggling with stranger anxiety or rather separation anxiety. We have a very hard time leaving him with anyone. He won't go in the church nursery or the childcare at the gym. He doesn't like babysitters or grandmas! He only likes Mom, Dad, Raider and Nanny - for everyone else if he gets any inclination that might leave him with them he instantly bursts into tears!

Here are some cute pictures of James at 1 YEAR OLD!

Prior to James' birthday party, Micah's parents came over to do a pre-birthday celebration. James was so excited to try his cupcake:
Once he got the cupcake he inhaled it in 60 seconds flat!!
Then, the day of his actual birthday party he just stared at the cupcake for awhile and finally dove in!
Unlike most kids who are interested in the paper or even the kids who are interested in the toys, James was just trying to hide from the large group of people all around him. He is a little anti-social :)
We had a doggy birthday party - I think James is also saying "woof woof" now when he sees his dog book or stuffed animal.



Kirk and Abbey said...

Happy Birthday James! We were so sad that we couldn't celebrate with you! P.S. Claire liked looking at the picture of all the puppies!

The Worsley Family said...

Great looking pictures. I am an old friend of Micah and I am very blessed to see that you all are doing well!

Jason Worsley

Marty, Sarah, Jack, & Bryce Dillard said...

Happy Birthday James. Sorry we missed your big day! I love the picture of James in the birthday bag- so cute!
Miss you all!