Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Feet

Haylie and her cousin Kiley have been taking tap classes for the last two weeks and they LOVE it. Haylie can't wait to go to dance class each week. We were deciding between tap and ballet so we tried out both and the girls chose tap class. Although Haylie really wants to be a ballerina, all the noise that those tap shoes make was just too much fun to resist! It is the cutest thing ever so excuse the picture overload!!! (These are from the last two weeks)


Mindy said...

Shuffle ball change, shuffle ball change! How adorable.

The Runner Bunch said...

Yes Mindy!! I grew up taking tap classes and I just keep repeating that!! :)

One Mommy's View Point said...

That might be the cutest thing ever! Of course with every post, I seem to say that. Do you think Grant would let Eli take tap? They say its good for coordination for sports...will he buy that?!