Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Here We Come

It's always amazing when another year passes and we celebrate the next year. I love memories and I love love love thinking about all the wonderful times we get to enjoy with family and friends. Which is why I think I love scrapbooking and photography... and blogging, so much. I want to find every way possible to capture those memories. 2008 was a great year for new memories - here are some of the things that top my list:

  • I started this blog :)
    James joined our family!!
    Haylie broke her arm :(
    Raider started a crutch and boot collection for all of his foot injuries
    Micah dislocated his finger sending the bone out through the skin
    I enjoyed the first half of the year on Maternity leave and made the decision to start working part-time (Best decision ever!!!!!!!!)
    Micah's sister went into the Coast Guard and we were able to be there for her graduation from Boot Camp - she also turned 21 this year - yikes!!!
    We lost a snake in the house
    Haylie potty trained herself :) and started preschool
    We vacationed in Seattle and Canada and visited my good friend Sarah
    Micah and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in Arizona with family

And the best one: Today Micah came home with the greatest surprise gift! He printed out and bound my whole blog into a book! I had seen it done on someone else's blog when I first started blogging and I told him I wanted to do that when I was done. After I finished my last post of 2008 yesterday, Micah was so sweet and went straight to work compiling and printing my book. Needless to say I was sooooo excited and overwhelmed when he brought it home and surprised me with it today. I had no idea he was going to go and do it. I will treasure it forever!!

Blogging is such a fun way for me to capture all those memories and save them forever, I love being able to read back over the funny stories that happened and the little details of our life that I might otherwise lots more stories to come in 2009!!! Here are some pictures of my book:


One Mommy's View Point said...

So sweet! Now all our hubbies are going to feel the pressure! :)

matt & april said...

the book is totally awesome! i've been wanting to do this since i began our blog several years ago, but did not know how. so, how did micah do it??? good going micah, that is the best gift ever!

the mathisons said...

Sandy, I have been talking about doing this with my blog for the past year and here you've done it! What did you use to create that? Now that I have seen it, I am extra motivated!!

Marty, Sarah, Jack, & Bryce Dillard said...

I have the same comment. HOW? I have been copying and pasting my book in Shutterfly, but it takes for ever.

The Runner Bunch said...

Ok for all the question about how Micah made the book (I got a couple emails as well) - unfortunately the answer is not what you were hoping for. He actually manually went through and copied each post and pasted it into Word. Then he formatted it all afterwards, centering pictures, fixing margins, etc and had it bound at Kinkos. It took quite awhile! My friend April found these options though so you might try one of these: or - I will be checking into them for next year but I think we should all email Blogger and tell them they need to come up with a print function for their next updates!!! :)